Meet N Speak Details

  • All businesses and non-profits are welcome. Initially, attendance is limited to 40 participant organizations and a maximum of three members per organizations.  To assure a diverse group, there is  limit of a maximum of 3 attending organizations per industry category.
  • Each attendee should bring a rubber-banded deck of 50 business cards and any literature they would like to place on the public literature table. One business card from each deck will be entered into a Business Card Drawing.
  • Attendees arrive early to meet, network and pass through the buffet line.
  • Doors close at the starting time  and the event begins. Our goal is to be completely finished within 1:15.
  • During the meal, the business card decks will be passed around for attendees to take cards as they wish.
  • Each organization will be given 45 seconds to make a presentation. Creative presentations are welcome and may include poetry, singing or skits. Time will be monitored and controlled.
  • The best attendee presentation, as judged by a volunteer jury of 3, will be awarded a Best Presentation Prize, valued at $50 or more, plus admission to the next Meet N Speak Event©.
  • Any attendee may contribute a business card drawing prize, valued over $20.
  • It is disrespectful for attendees to leave before all attendees speak. Attendees who leave early may not be registered for future Meet N Speak Luncheon© or Meet N Speak Breakfast©

Participation Opportunities

See the Registration Form for pricing:

  • Attendee – Seat(s) should be reserved in advance and prepaid. Unreserved seats may be available at the door at a higher price, only if available.
  • Title Sponsor – The Event Sponsor receives priority recognition on promotional materials, an 18” x 30” tri-pod sign, a 3 minute presentation and distribution of materials on all dining table place settings.
  • Co-Sponsor – Co-sponsors receive recognition on all promotional materials as space permits, an 18” x 30” tri-pod sign, a 3 minute presentation and distribution of materials at all dining table place settings.
  • Banner stand Placement – Organizations may purchase the right to place a banner stand in the room.
  • Literature Distribution to Dining Tables – Organizations not sponsoring may purchase the right to place one piece of literature, or multiple pieces securely bound, on all dining table place settings.
  • Best Presentation Prize ($50+)  and Business Card Drawing Prize Donors ($20+)– Listing on Prize Donors tri-pod sign. No charge.