Help for NOCOM 2018 Manufacturing Tradeshow Exhibitors

The 4th Annual NOCO Manufacturing Tradeshow, presented by the NOCO Manufacturing Partnership,  is just weeks away.  Need a little help before, during or after the show?

I am a recent Support Services member of the NOCO Manufacturing Partnership and a freelance tradeshow and community event exhibiting professional with over 40 years of experience in multiple segments of the exhibiting industry.  My services are available to Partnership members at a special, very affordable hourly or daily rate.  Whether you need help planning, need an exhibit manager or coordinator, could use another booth staffer, or would like someone to do the show for you, my objective is to focus on achieving your exhibiting objectives and minimize the impact on your financial and staff resources.

My scalable services are available to you, from planning and show selection to post-event follow-up.  How may I help you?

Supplement existing staff, pre-show, on-site or post-show, to maintain the focus on achieving exhibiting objectives while minimizing exhibiting’s impact on resources and important day-to-day activities.  Your staff is not distracted by a “side-job” in which they have little or no experience, expertise or interest.  I focus exclusively on achieving your event or exhibiting objectives.  You also avoid the direct and indirect costs of inexperience, including overtime, staff fatigue, missed revenue generating and customer support opportunities.

Fill-in during staff absences or position vacancies, to keep events on track and avoid over loading other staff members.

♦ Booth Duty.  I engage and pre-qualify attendees and introduce them to you or your expert staff for further action.

Take care of logistics.  I pick-up, transport and set up your display.  At shows end, I dismantle, carefully pack, load, transport and stow your display as required.

My customized workshops, classes and on-the-job coaching are available for in-house training of client staff members who have been assigned event and exhibiting responsibilities.

The unique skills and knowledge I have acquired working in various segments of the exhibiting industry gives me the ability to foresee and creatively solve problems, lower your direct and indirect costs of exhibiting and increase the effectiveness of your exhibiting endeavor.  In addition to being an exhibit staffer and an exhibit manager at national and community events for my employers and clients, I have owned a successful trade show products and services company for six years and produced or help produce over 50 conferences and community expos. I am also a consultant and an educator in the field of exhibiting at trade shows, conferences and community events.

For more information, please visit Exhibitor Services.

For the last 18 years, I have supported hundreds of exhibitors, large and small, in many industries.  I welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs at a time and location convenient for you.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Gary Buterbaugh

High Impact Event Resources


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