Exhibitor Services

The Inconvenient Truths of Exhibiting©

Truth #1: If you are not present, you are not a choice.

Truth #2: Your exhibit will make an impression.  Good or bad is up to you.

Truth #3:  During the event, your exhibit is your store or office in the mind of the attendees and participants.

Truth #4:  An effective exhibit is the attraction, influential engagement of attendees and contact information capture is an objective.

Truth #5:  Exhibit staff is the most important element of any exhibit.  In seconds,  the actions, or in-actions,  of a staff member can render worthless an exhibit and related materials that took hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to create.

Exhibiting Events That We Support

HIGH IMPACT  provides pre-show, on-site and post- show support services to those who exhibit, or are thinking of exhibiting,  at trade shows, conferences, conventions, community expos, festivals and fairs.  We support exhibitors of all sizes who wish to make a lasting,  action-producing  impression on contacts, suspects, prospects and customers.  We focus on maximizing the benefits of every face-to-face marketing opportunity by placing emphasis on presenting your  brand,  engaging attendees, delivering a message, and influencing the behavior of targeted market segments.  

Exhibiting Tasks Supported

Our practical knowledge and skills,  gained through decades of exhibiting related experiences,  are available to you on a scale to fit your needs and budget, including the performance of all tasks or just selected tasks associated with most any type of exhibiting.  We are also available to supervise,  assist,  train or coach your staff.   Our  experience and expertise in exhibiting include:

  • Objectives and Strategy Development
  • Identify and select exhibiting opportunities
  • Participation planning 
  • Exhibit design and development 
  • Supplier selecting, contracting and managing
  • Pre-event and on-site promotion
  • Collateral material development and production
  • Exhibit production management
  • Event registration
  • Pre-show meetings and training
  • Staff preparation
  • Service order placement
  • Exhibit shipping and logistics
  • Exhibit installation, dismantling
  • On-site staff and labor management including union labor.
  • Executive calendar coordination
  • Hospitality suite hosting
  • Special activities
  • Post-show evaluations and debriefing
  • Lead follow-up
  • Budget management and expenditure audits
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Community Event Support

In addition to the tasks listed above,  our unique community event support services include picking up your display and marketing materials at your office, or at another location, transporting everything to your event site, and setting up the exhibit to your specifications.  We are available stay to assist your staff or leave and return at show’s end.  At show’s end, we dismantle the display, do minor cleaning, carefully pack and load all materials,  transport materials to your office and stow everything per your instructions.  We will notify you of any cleaning and repairs that may be needed, and can perform these service on your request.  Your staff is able to focus on making contacts, while we do the tiring and dirty work.  When the event ends, your staff can leave or engage in post event activities, while we dismantle,  load and return materials as needed.    

No Contractor vs Employee Issues!

To avoid contractor vs employee legal and tax issues, High Impact:

1.  Is a registered LLC, with a federal EIN.

2.  Uses a Professional Services Agreement to clearly define responsibilities and  relationships.

3.  Issues detailed invoices for services.

3. Has multiple clients.

4. Carries the $2,000,000 insurance policy required by trade show producers for independent contractors.

5. Carry our own health insurance.